A Sherman Oaks teen takes on bullying with a new app, "Sit With Us."

One out of every four students report being bullied during the school year. That's according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.

And October is National Bullying Prevention month.

16 year old Natalie Hampton was severely bullied when she was in 7th and 8th grades. Now in high school, she is combating bullying during lunchtime.

'Sit With Us' App

-Don't eat lunch alone

-Private via the app- students won't be publicly rejected

-Be an ambassador- invites other students to combat bullying


Sobering Statistics:

-More youth violence occurs on school grounds as opposed to on the way to school

-8% of students stay home on any given day because they're afraid of being bullied

-43% of students fear harassment in the bathroom at school

(National Center for Educational Statistics, 2015)