It's a question every parent must grapple with at one point or another. When is it okay to let your child call it quits, whether it be a sport, a musical instrument or any extra curricular activity?

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, parents give their two cents. 

Statistics show 70 percent of kids quit organized sports or playing an instrument by age 13. The reason? Culturally we are teaching our kids if they aren't competitive in a sport or any other extracurricular activity, it is not worthwhile.

Also, during the teen years kids are more likely to want to be with their friends and do things that their friends are doing. Kids also start getting cell phones at this age, adding in more technology into their lives. 

Here's our Fox 11 discussion.

A few extras:

-Quitting vs. Changing Course- young children should be allowed to try all types of different activities to find out what they like best. "Quitting" is associated with a negative connotation. It's okay for your child to "Change Course" as he is just trying to figure out where he fits best in the world. What makes him happy? What brings him joy?

-No stopping in the middle of the season- most parents believe sticking it out for an entire season is the right thing to do. Experts agree. We need our children to learn how to keep commitments and not let down "the team."

-Child decides vs. parent decides- this gives kids the ability to really figure out what they like, not what their parent thinks they should like.