Many experts claim Melania Trump's RNC speech was plagiarized.

And according to R. Scott Rasnic, in an essay for 'Inside Higher Ed,' "the speech would easily have been flagged for plagiarism in any college-level speech or writing class."

It's unclear if plagiarism is on the rise. Some studies suggest it is on the rise due to the Internet. Others say plagiarism-checking websites have curbed the dishonesty. But according to college professors, it continues to be a widespread problem.

We thought this might be a good time, as kids begin to head back to school, to help parents help their kids understand what plagiarism is and its potential consequences.

Here's our Fox 11 discussion concerning this very teachable moment.


Tips from "Inside Higher Ed":

-Educate your child

-Understand kids might be in over their heads, fear of assignments can lead to bad decisions

-Own up to the mistake

-Teach honesty in everything, don't cut corners