Summertime means play time! And playtime is seriously meaningful. According to research, parents who play with their children enhance family bonds.

Play is extremely important for children's brain development. It serves as a brain booster for problem solving and social interaction.

And play between parent and child is also extremely important. Research indicates that this allows our children to show us who they are. We get to see our child's world up close and personal. It builds that bond, that connection.

Here's are Fox 11 discussion. We also talked about what's going on in our world and how to teach our children how to deal with a potential arrest.

So for the sake of play we put this list together for you!

-Skyspace- downtown Los Angeles

-Super Cells- California Science Center

-Speed: Science in Motion- Discovery Cube LA

-The Beatles Exhibit- The Grammy Museum

There are many more ideas on Check it out.