As the layers of the horrific Orlando massacre continue to be revealed, we wanted to take a look at how parents can teach their children how to be respectful of all people. Our Fox 11 Parenting Contributor, Donna Tetreault gathered some information from the Los Angeles LGBT center

This all starts in the home. The LGBT of Los Angeles wants people to understand that what they teach their kids matters.  Lorri Jean, CEO of the LGBT of Los Angeles had this to say:

"We will not allow this hateful, murderous incident to silence us. We will never stop fighting for our rightful place in our society. We will continue to express our grief and anger, just as we will continue to celebrate in defiance of fear and hatred and violence. We stand for freedom. We stand for peace and love. We stand for Orlando." LGBT Los Angeles CEO Lorri L. Jean, as spoken at Monday’s vigil. 

Here's our Fox 11 discussion and tips to help promote accepting all people.



-Teach compassion, not just tolerance

-Be a role model

-Cultivate a circle of friends that celebrate all people

-Help your child develop responses to hateful speech

-Children need to know discrimination/hate is unacceptable