Mother's Day is all about celebrating mom, right? Well, not so fast... As the face of the American family continues to change so do holidays/celebrations, including Mother's Day. 

Decades ago the definition of the "typical" family was mom, dad, and two siblings-- or something close to that. Now, the "modern family" is something very different.

According to Dr. Stacy Wadlington, a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing in Pasadena:

"The face of the typical family has  evolved-  and  most likely will continue to do so – but the role of   the parent  to  promote and  support the  physical , social and emotional development  of  a child has never waivered.  The  way that Mother's Day is celebrated will vary  by  cultural / religious  beliefs  traditions , etc  but the sentiment will always be one of  gratitude and love."

According to Dr. Larry Ganong, co-chair of Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Missouri:

"Children need at least one adult who looks out for their interests (safety, security, food, etc.) and who loves them. If they have that, they have a chance to do well in life. Children in all types of family structures are doing well – poverty and family conflicts have the most detrimental effects on children, far more than does the type of family in which they reside."

Check out Dr. Ganong's latest research on family: