Parents are always talking about technology, it's a hot topic: how it's affecting family life and how it's changing the way our kids are growing up. But when you're a parent in the middle of Silicon Valley, that's a whole other set of circumstances. A recent article in the Huff Post offers up some solutions from a mom living in Silicon Valley. 

Plus, what that Silicon Valley mom and I have in common. Our Fox 11 discussion.

Silicon Valley Mom Tips:

-Go Cold Turkey- cut out technology completely and begin with a whole new set of rules.

-Distraction- replace technology with something else, preferably, something healthy

Here's  the article from the Huff Post for more:


And for my version of the story and tips:  Boys Unplugged: The No Technology Summer Experiment.

My Tips:

If you might be thinking of shifting or limiting screen time/technology time in your family, here’s my advice:

-State the new rules clearly, make sure the kids understand what is going to be happening. They need to know what is expected in order to succeed.

-BE FIRM. Don’t give in or change your new rules unless it’s really a special occasion in your mind. (It’s okay to be flexible sometimes, flexibility is a part of real life.)

-Be realistic with yourself. Set goals that you can achieve with your kids. What makes sense for your family?  (Some sound advice from my husband)

-Make sure you replace that screen time with a new activity. You want to create a new “healthy habit.”