Every child will be impacted by peer pressure- negative as well as positive. So how do you reinforce positive peer pressure and help your kids say "no" to the negative pressure? 

When it comes to helping your kids recognize positive peer pressure, family values and parent modeling are extremely important. 

Teach Your Kids How to Incorporate Positive Peer Pressure

- Values

Teach your kids what you value and what the family unit values.

- The power of NO

Kids need to learn to say "no." Many adults struggle with this. If you give your child the ability to say no when they need to, this will show them that they can make their own decisions.

-Help signal

Kids should have some kind of signal that will alert a parent that they need help. 

- Affirm good choices

When you see your child engaging in positive peer pressure, point it out and let them know you are proud of them. Also, tell them they should be proud of themselves.

- Friends

Know all of your child's friends. 

-Start talking early on

It's never too early to talk to your kids about peer pressure. Go through different scenarios that are age appropriate.