I don’t think I’m the only one exhausted by the BLACK FRIDAY madness seeping into our world. We are bombarded by the TV ads, the signage and verbiage… it’s the same old story year after year. Don’t miss out– or what— I’ll miss the deal of the year? What about missing out on precious family time?

After talking to lots of moms and dads about the excessive accumulating of “stuff” over the holiday season, it’s obvious that people are feeling the same way I’m feeling. According to Time.com, ‘…a confusing, contradictory string of consumer polls suggests that “only” 11%, or perhaps as many as 28% of Americans will physically go shopping in stores on the day (Black Friday.) Even if the true figure is at the low end of the spectrum, it’ll still mean millions and millions of people clogging shopping centers across the land.’

Whatever the numbers might be, how about changing the story? That’s where THE STORY OF STUFF PROJECT comes in.

The Story of Stuff Project is leading the charge this season to Buy Less and Live more!

From now through the end of December, the story of stuff project is on a mission to collect pictures and stories from people everywhere doing “all the glorious, delicious, and simple things that make this time of year special; the things you have time to do when you aren’t shopping.”

Check out the video below! What will you do when you aren’t shopping this season?


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