has come up with your go-to ‘Spring Break Survival Guide!’ This is a compilation of a wide variety of offerings. But as you peruse this list and begin to set up your week/s off, remember, Spring Break should include a break, some down time is necessary. Experts advise parents to let kids just do NOTHING! And it’s okay, really, it is! Check out a great article on Spring Break from ‘Psychology Today’ by Peggy Drexler, Ph.D.

At Home:

Bounce House
This is one of my favorites! Rent a bounce house, split it with some friends and let the bouncing begin. This is perfect because kids are on their own and you may even have time for coffee and some real conversation with your mommy/daddy friends. Bonus- Great exercise!

Dance Party
Pull out the microphones, put on some music and let the kids at it. Who doesn’t want to dance to Pharrell’s ‘Happy!’ Bonus- Great exercise!

Science at Home has some great science based projects that won’t leave you confused or frustrated. Each project gives you the difficulty level, time required and supplies needed. We decided this spring break we’re going to try the project ‘Turn Milk Into Plastic’ We’ll let you know how that goes! Bonus- Kids are using their brains in a fun and interesting way. This gives them the choice to pick what they want to learn about!

L.A.’s MommyPoppins “March Go List

MommyPoppins has shared its March Go List with SMN! Thank you for all the great ideas and fun things to see and do around the L.A. area, Mommy Poppins! Check it out!

Animated movies for Spring Break and beyond!

Mr. Peabody & Sherman – release date: March 7th 2014

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar – release date April 4th 2014

Rio 2 – release date April 17th 2014


DIY! Let the kids paint their rooms!
I remember loving to decorate my room and painting was a big part of it. Spring Break gives you some time to actually get it done! Bonus- kids can help out and at the end take pride in their work which might even spark keeping their rooms clean. Maybe…

Visit City Hall!
This is FREE and a wonderful way to give kids some insight into local government. Here’s a recap of our visit to City Hall. Bonus- Did I say it’s free?!
Meeting The Mayor… Almost

Introduce ‘The Family Meeting!’
If you’ve ever visited, you know I am a huge proponent of the Family Meeting. This could be a great time to get started! Here’s all the info you need to get going this Spring Break!

Family Meetings On KCAL 9

Huge Bonus!
Family Meetings provide an opportunity to teach children valuable social and life skills for good character. They will learn:
Listening skills
Brainstorming skills
Problem solving skills
Mutual respect
Concern for others

Family Meetings provide an opportunity for parents to:
Avoid power struggles by respectfully sharing control
Avoid micromanaging children, so children learn self-discipline
Listen in ways that invite children to listen
Create good memories through a family tradition

The Meeting Agenda:
Compliments (might include improvements from last week)
Evaluate last week’s solutions
This week’s issues (if a friendly discussion is not enough, brainstorm for solutions)
Meal Planning
Family Fun