What parent doesn’t want to give their child the world? But giving too much can have long term effects on a child according to Susan Stone. Susan is a parenting coach, licensed family therapist and author of “The Indulgence Trap.” She explains that TOO MUCH help, attention and material items are hurting our children and parents today are falling into the indulgence trap. I’m in the trap too! So I asked Susan to break down how every parent can acquire the skills they need to teach kids how to be self sufficient and learn the life lessons they need.

Check out the video below!

And one last tip from Susan Stone: “No Hotel Service Here!” Susan says kids need chores early on in life. Chores enable kids to learn to take care of themselves and others in the family.

For more great information from Susan Stone, head on over to her website! You can also purchase her book there. Susan Stone “The Indulgence Trap”

“The Indulgence Trap” is a practical guide to recognizing how you may be unintentionally spoiling your child – not just materially but in ways that interfere with development and their ability to function in the real world. Then follow the 13 point road map, full of immediate ways you can change your parenting, to raise a responsible, hard-working, caring and likeable child.