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Healthy Halloween


Healthy Halloween

Before you head out on the trick-or-treat trail, you can get some healthy eats into your little goblin’s mouth before the sugar rush begins! Here are some fun, easy and healthy treats you can all conjure up together!

We found some great treats from Parenting Magazine and created some of our own!

You can start off with some frightening fingers and witch’s brooms- For the fingers all you need are small, peeled carrots (with a knife carve out two “knuckles”) Add a dab of whipped cream cheese and press a sliced almond on top for the nail.

For the witch’s broom cut one packaged string cheese in half and pull it apart on one side. Insert a pretzel stick into the other side of the cheese. Take a cucumber peel and tie it around the top of the cheese.

Spooky skulls are quick and easy. Slice a few bananas and cut some blueberries in half. Place the blueberries on top! These are great for really little ghouls.

Jackson loves tomatoes and spelling so he decided he’d create an appetizer out of cherry tomatoes. He spelled the word “Boo” and added whipped cream cheese and crackers. Yum!

Asher created a ghost appetizer. We used a ghost cookie cutter and cut out a piece of multi-grain bread. He then spread whipped cream cheese on top. For the eyes, nose and mouth he used raspberries. But you can add any fruit or veggie you like!

And finally, create the perfect pumpkin! Cut out a pumpkin shape using multi-grain bread, spread some whipped cream cheese on top and drizzle with carrot shavings to cover cheese. Then take sliced olives for the eyes and used sliced cucumber for the stem and mouth. (Asher added bones to the mix as well!)

(This blog was originally posted Halloween 2012, and we’ve been making these treats ever since— it works!)