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Kids’ Art Keepsakes


Kids’ Art Keepsakes

Hanging Art:
Hang art from a drapery bar for a more formal look. You can display beautiful art pieces in a dining room or living room.

Or create your own “hanging art” bar to be displayed in a kid’s room or play-room. You can use “school” materials.

These “hanging art” bars allow you to switch out artwork as children grow and create more. You can display new art anytime!

Materials for Kids’ room or Play-room “Hanging Art” bar:

Two yard sticks glued together (on top of each other)

Rulers and/or protractors glued onto yard sticks.

Colored rubber bands and paper-clips glued onto rulers/protractors.

Adhesive to put it onto the wall. (See picture above)


Place Mats:

Convert art into place mats.

Take art into a Staples or Kinkos. They laminate it for you onto a foam core board.

Art Books:

Art is photographed, scanned into smaller versions and put into books that you can have forever- they are great for coffee table books and gifts for grandparents.

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