If you’ve got a budding artist, put him (or her) to work. Invite him to create an original piece for his valentine class exchange. Don’t you remember what it was like getting a valentine from your special friends?

Once the artwork is complete, “reproduce” it! A color copy machine is perfect… you’re half way done!

Mount the artwork onto a beautiful valentine themed sheet of paper. (We found a red, velvet type of construction paper at a craft store.) Then roll it up into a scroll, tie some pretty ribbon around it and voilà… you are DONE! Your child can hand out his/her unique, one of a kind Valentine to all those special someones.

Here’s an example of what Jackson created for his kindergarten class. Only a six year old could come up with this. It’s an elephant blowing heart kisses out into the world. A tiny green bird sits atop the elephant tweeting out hearts!

What will your little Valentine come up with?

Happy Valentines Day!