yoga for kids

I have never practiced yoga on a regular basis, Pilates is my thing, but there was a period in time where my husband and I did try out Bikram yoga, (Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F and is the most popular form of hot yoga) needless to say, we’re just not tough enough. But I have so many friends who swear by yoga as their work-out.

So, when it comes to our boys and their “sports” activities, they’ve done tee-ball and swimming, I would never have thought to enroll them in yoga classes. As it turns out, the preschool they attend offers yoga classes regularly to the kids. My boys love it and come home often showing me poses. It’s cool and so I wondered what yoga is all about and how kids can benefit from learning this physical, mental and spiritual discipline that originated in ancient India. What I found out is that there are so many reasons to choose yoga for kids! Take a look at the video!