How can you help your child become a lifetime learner? How can you ensure that your child is learning to the best of his or her ability? There are ways to guide your child toward a happy and successful schooling experience.

So, where do you start? One exceptional resource is The Kelter Center, founded by Sasha Borenstein. Borenstein is an educational innovator and teacher of children, adolescents and adults for over 40 years. Her passion is the translation of neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and educational research into teaching programs that work.

The Kelter Center uses state-of-the art, research-based methods to assess each student’s learning abilities and tailor a one-on-one instructional program to close the gap between the student’s current performance and the student’s potential performance.

Watch the video to see if your child might be struggling. Find out what to look out for and how you can ensure your child’s success.

For more information about the Kelter Center:

*This is a re-post from a few months ago. SMN has had many inquiries recently about learning and a child’s educational track.