Animals on a mission! That's how Nut Job 2 draws you in. And in this world, you are definitely rooting for the animals over the humans! The film is filled with several themes; environmental protection, teamwork and caring for others. All of the messages are easily translated into a wonderful family discussion.

And when it comes to family, the stars of the film gave a little insight during a press conference before the premiere of the movie, on how they spend 'family time' in their homes. They all agreed how important it is to make time for family bonding, love and care.

Surly Squirrel- Will Arnett says his family goes outside together, they go to the park, get in the pool. They build Legos, they draw and lots of READING is happening! Hooray for Surly!

Precious- Maya Rudolph says her family is a huge movie family. They cozy up, make popcorn and just relax.

The Mayor- Bobby Moynihan says lots of their time is spent diapering... a new baby girl explains this type of family time!

Jimmy- Gabriel Iglesias has a 19 year old son, they hang out together and Gabriel says he's kinda that 'cool' dad.

Check out the trailer! Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature opens August 11th. Enjoy the ride!