The 'Summer Slide' is real. Statistics support it. Kids have a loss of learning, mostly in reading and math during the summer months.

So how do you keep your kids in an active learning mode? Most importantly, you want to make sure your children enjoy it. Otherwise, it won't be fun for anyone involved. 

I've outlined three easy steps to get your kids learning without them even knowing it! (It's something I pulled from my days as an elementary school teacher- it works!)

And remember, Summer is a time for relaxing, so do numbers 2 and 3 at your leisure. Let the learning happen naturally. Let your kids know you'll be working on a project together and that you'd like it completed in a week. See how involved they might get in making sure the project gets done. This is another way that they're learning and they don't know it... time management!

Now have some fun learning! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1) DO SOMETHING FUN!  (It can be anything they consider summer fun)

2) Kids write about their very fun experience!  (creative writing- let them pick. Don't worry about grammar or spelling, just let the creative mind flow. You can always correct it at another time, together. Also, this works for all ages. Kids who aren't yet writing can dictate to you.)

3) Kids create something based on their experience -get tactile! (I usually tell my kids to find something in our home. This allows them to problem solve and figure out how to make something out of nothing.)

Here's one example of the '1-2-3' Summer learning themed method in our home!


One afternoon we made our way to the highest slide in the sky. It's called Sky Space. It's downtown Los Angeles. 1,000 feet high in the sky!

2) Write about the very fun experience!

Jackson and Asher decided to write poems. (Honestly, I think they picked poems because they thought it would be faster. Fine, at least they're writing!)

Oh, the awesome views. 

What a delight for me and you!

It was so fun.

You could see the sun!

It was so high, my mom almost cried.




Scream as loud as you can

Kiss your mom after it

You really like it

Stop screaming now!

Pay for it

At the platform, don't face plant

Could you have done it again?

Excited for it!



3) Create something based on the experience -get tactile! 

Jackson and Asher used Lego's to build the Sky Space slide. The object behind the slide is the elevator that took us up to the 70th floor of the US Bank Tower.