It was Saturday night. My husband and I had just come home from a happy date night out, dinner and a movie. Our home was calm and quiet. We thought we’d hear great things from the boys’ 12th grade babysitter... not so fast. Turns out it sounded more like the feature presentation that played out in our home was “Boys vs. the Babysitter” and the chaos had just come to an end.



Our sweet babysitter was a bit shell shocked. She didn’t want to get the boys in trouble, but I urged her to tell me what went down. She said the boys fought with each other and were wild. Okay, the boys do fight and they ARE WILD. They are boys. Still their unacceptable behavior got worse. According to our babysitter, the boys told her: “We won’t go to bed unless you promise to bring us candy at 7:30 in the morning.” WHAT? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was no way this behavior was going to be taken lightly. NO WAY.

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