In the turquoise waters of the Carribean, Jackson and Asher could not be happier. The guy in the middle is Manny. He's from Turks and Caicos, known as a Belonger. He is the boys' new best friend.

This is a short "picture book" like story of how Manny gave my kids their latest lesson in living an adventurous life... and helped me, mom, let go... just a little.


First off, life on top of the world. (really on the top deck of the boat) Lesson number one: Take it all in.


Snorkeling in the middle of the ocean, anyone? Lesson number two: Fear not!


Sometimes things can get a bit messy and unattractive, go for it anyway! Lesson number three: give each other a white sand facial!


Lesson number four: Don't EVER let ANYONE keep you from forging on! It's your adventure, you can tame any iguana you want to. Even this funny looking guy on Iguana Island.


Listen to those with experience is lesson number five. Manny shows the boys how to feed seagulls fresh conch.




And... success.


Last, but not least, follow your heart. Lesson number six: You are the captain in your adventurous LIFE!


Just a little footnote from mom to Asher: sometimes mischief can get you into trouble, my little-tiny.