I am delighted to have my friend, Kristen Huffman guest blog here on SuperMommyNot! For parents with girls, Kristen shares her story and how "REAL Girl Camp" can empower your precious, little girl. Thank you, Kristen!

When I was 9, I was into the Beatles, riding my bike, making up funny stories with my best friend, Jessica, and eating mac and cheese.

Kristen Huffman- Elementary School

Kristen Huffman- Elementary School

They say that this age is a precious time.  There is a not-yet-bridled vivaciousness we all remember about it.   Being a girl did not yet have rules.  I was clear on who I was, but, of course, adolescence brought with it a hyper awareness of my external environment.  When I think of the sacred time of growth that followed, I mostly remember just being scared.  Scared at school, scared at what I didn't understand, scared at all that I was beginning to see.  I did, however, continue my relationship with mac and cheese. Thank goodness.

What we shape in ourselves at that scared time shows up throughout schoolhood, and beyond.  This is an undeniable reality of social organization amongst children, amongst humans.  But what would happen if there were more openness in the nooks and crannies of adolescence?  What if, as girls, we began to celebrate the transitions occurring in our bodies, and revered those female gifts that keep the world alive?  Whoa.  What would that look like, if girls learned how to foster and support each other early on, especially as things got confusing?  What if relationships were chosen from awareness, and if girls learned how to create healthy boundaries and communication?  What if they were able to see beauty in their abilities and uniquities, in spite of the TV telling them what makeup to wear?  What if womanhood was an idea that just got progressively more exciting with age, because it was celebrated from youth?  

Kristen Huffman- Today

Kristen Huffman- Today

This is a reality, and it's a vision I am so excited to be a part of.  It starts with education, and ends in empowerment.  We can change the world by allowing our girls to remain strong.  This is highly contagious.  The effect that one empowered girl has on the world is immeasurable. Let's strengthen our world one girl at a time.

We might all wish we had such tools growing up.  Let's give them now to our daughters, our nieces, and to each other!  Join me in getting our girls ready.  REALgirl is an extraordinary program.  5-day summer camps are registering right now, and I thank you, Donna, for the opportunity to introduce REALgirl on your blog, SuperMommyNot!  


3 Things You Can Expect From Your REALgirl Graduate:

  1. She will have a clear sense of her unique voice and value in the world, and, therefore, feel empowered to express both with ever-increasing confidence and clarity.
  2. She will navigate all relationships in her life with grace, compassion, and assertiveness. This includes her relationships with her family, friends, and peers. REALgirls are equipped to handle mean girl behavior, to support others in need, and to cultivate healthy relationships.
  3. She will possess the tools to be a leader in her own right - whatever her path may be. She will act as an inspiration for others through leading by example, making life-decisions from a place of self-knowledge, strength, and groundedness.


Testimonials from REALgirls

"We learned to be happy with who we are and not try to change ourselves for someone else." - Emilia, age 10

"REALgirl taught me things I didn't even know about, and it answered questions I didn't even know I had." - Charlotte, age 13

"REALgirl helped me with being shy. It has shown me new ways to protect and help myself." - Mackenzie, age 14

"It has really taught me the power of girls and women, and how capable they are of planning and achieving their goals." Emily, age 12


How do we instill these powerful tools?

  • Arts and Crafts: Tap into her creative center, and visually capture powerful life lessons 
  • Yoga and Meditation: Connect with her mind and body, finding her intuition and trusting her truest self
  • Dance: Cultivate play, healthy self-expression, and appreciation for her body as a temple
  • Theater Games: Practice using her voice, collaborating with others, and giving herself permission to be silly
  • Media Literacy: Unveil truths about advertising and develop a savvy filter for media & societal messages
  • Group Chats: Learn about the powerful female body, fill in "gaps" in the history of women, and so much more
  • Guest Experts: Learn self-defense and health & nutrition so she can operate at her best
  • Sister Acknowledgement: Celebrate her own and others' strengths and unique gifts, and build sisterhood 


Questions? Ask us at info@realgirlprograms.com. Want to know more? Visit www.REALgirlPrograms.com.