Preschool graduation isn’t one of those “milestones” I ever really thought about… heck, I didn’t even go to preschool. But now, during these last few weeks, as my Jackson’s preschool graduation nears, it’s all we’re thinking about. Daddy’s even in on the “thinking,” calling me from work with a great gift idea for Jackson’s big day… incredibly thoughtful and sweet, I must admit. So we’re in it and we love it, even if it’s completely silly, over the top and just plain nuts.

And in my baby’s honor, a letter to my dear Jackson, as he celebrates his preschool graduation.




You are headed into kindergarten, the next BIG step in your life… and we acknowledge, it is a big step. From your perspective, only five years on this earth, you are exiting the “baby” world and heading out to be a true, big kid.

As we count down to your graduation day, all you can talk about is graduation practice- the songs you’re singing and the group you’re in, graduation clothes- the cap and gown, even asking for an Italian suit for your special day. (We’re working on that, kinda.) You tell me you want to celebrate and Jackson, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

You’ve grown so much. In the beginning, crying at drop off and now, begging to go to school even when you’re sick. You are now reading and doing simple math. You talk about the continents. You enjoy making snacks during snack time. You have been on stage more times than your daddy and me combined. You’ve made some very special friends. You are a yellow belt. You are confident. You are filled with joy.

But among all that you have accomplished, you have developed a love of learning. The seed has been planted. In our minds, mission accomplished! Take that, Jackson and embrace it. Never stop learning.

And so as your big day approaches, know that we will be there cheering you on. And we’ll never stop cheering for you, we’ll be there every step of the way! From what so many other parents say, college is right around the corner!

Congratulations, my preschool grad! We love you!