Asher IS a little, tiny chef…

So last night at LG’s Junior Chef Academy he was ready to go. Interestingly the little foodie exclaimed his favorite dish was the Watermelon Skewers with Citrus Feta. Why?

Because, as he put it, it was the first time he had ever tried watermelon and peppercorn together. Nice… Recipe below.

As Asher went from station to station he was given a golden star for recipes completed. This became his project. Each step of the way, he earned his stars in an effort toward LG’s Junior Chef Graduation- he was determined. He worked and worked. He and the rest of the kids made Caprese Stuffed Tomatoes, Fruit Pizza and Mix-And-Match Ice Cream Sandwiches. All thanks to Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee.

It was non-stop for three hours, this five year old kid was into it. LG threw a perfect party. Maybe they can do Asher’s next birthday party. Maybe, LG? And when he finally “graduated” we took one last picture to celebrate the event. This one a little fuzzy, maybe too many sangria’s?

And so as we headed out the door, stomachs full, feeling happy, almost bedtime, all was good… That was until our little, tiny chef screamed at the top of his lungs, “Wait, wait, what about the refrigerator?” What? I said. “The refrigerator contest, I want the refrigerator!” What happened next? Let’s just say it was yet another exercise in keeping our cool as parents.

As promised, Asher’s favorite recipe below. But before you start cooking, one more favorite thing, this time from me. Check out my blogging buddy’s take on the LG event at BadSandy. She is a BAD A_ _ in my book. Meredith Gordon writes one of the funniest blogs in LA. We bumped into each other mid cooking and decided to write and then share our blog posts from our very different perspectives. Hmmmmmm… Turns out our kids had just one thing on their minds… REFRIGERATOR CONTEST. Check out Meredith on FB too!