It’s been a year since she hasn’t been with us. It’s been one of the toughest times of our lives.

We are a close family. We are loud, Italian and Catholic. We are that family, the kind in each other’s business… way too much. We can’t help it. We love each other no matter what. That intense love is what she taught us.

We know her beautiful spirit is with us, but we struggle and miss her everyday. We check in with each other via phone calls and texts, “I really miss her today,” “I felt mom just now,” “Today is so hard,” “Feeling stronger for the moment.”

But even though we miss her and our lives have been changed forever, we choose to celebrate her. We talk about her funny ways, her no nonsense parenting style and her love.

On her birthday, November 3rd, we celebrated Italian style, just the way she’d like it! We went to mass as a family and then ordered in from one of our favorite Italian restaurants… topping it all off with some heartfelt spirits!

Even though she is not physically with us, she continues to bring us together. She is our rock.

In honor of our mom, Loretta Tetreault, please give this holiday season. Any amount will help in finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. My mom looked to Michael J. Fox for inspiration and so do we. To make a donation, head on over to: